The Cursed Tower – Chapter 2

The Cursed Tower


Chapter 2


The Ship


“Alright men! Get ready! The ship is moving out soon!” Yells the chief. “Load the gunpowder!”

I walk out onto the deck. The ship is made out of brown, polished wood and huge black sails.

“Aaah! You must be the volunteer!” The chief says to me.

“Yes, that’s me.” I say, trying hide my nervousness.

“What’s your name son?” Asks the chief

“T-Tom, s-s-sir.”

“Okay, Tom. The ship is moving out soon. Better get ready now.” The chief reminds me.

The chief has a big black and white sailor’s hat, with four gold teeth, bushy brown hair and rumpled up clothes

I look into the distance and see a weird looking creature that looks like a wombat that is flying. I think to my self, “I didn’t realise they could fly!…”

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